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‘Numi is more than just a tea company. We are an organization that delivers goodness through the intentions of our work and the collaborations with our community. ’
Ahmed Rahim – Co-Founder, CEO, and Chief Alchemist

The Numi Foundation
Created by Numi founders and siblings, Reem and Ahmed Rahim, the Numi Foundation grew out of Numi, Inc.’s quadruple bottom line business ethic that includes people, planet, profitability and purpose. The Numi Foundation’s mission is to foster thriving communities by supporting initiatives that nurture art, education, health and our natural environment. We envision a world where all people have access to art, nature, knowledge and resources for good health. Learn more about the Numi Foundation.

One of our projects ACTION Oakland (A Creative Transformation In Our Neighborhoods) is currently in incubation to bring together citizens, community organizations, businesses and civic leaders to transform our beloved city of Oakland, California. Our goal is to nourish and cultivate long-term, cross sector partnerships that achieve mutual goals and generate value for the communities. This will be accomplished through 12 sectors including justice, education, health, art, technology, mobility, local economy, etc collaborating in monthly O’Day and volunteer work events. Contact for more information.

Numi, Inc.
We are committed to collaborating with non-profit organizations that are doing incredible work in their communities. If you planning a fundraising event for your organization and would like to submit an in-kind product donation request, please send your inquiry to Thank you for understanding that we require a minimum 30-day notice to review requests.

The Numi Tea’m
Numi supports volunteerism in our own community. We give our employees four paid hours each month to volunteer for a non-profit in one of four areas: the environment, food (such as promoting organics), social services, and education. Additionally, we plan a half day each quarter where we all take part in an activity to benefit a local non-profit.