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Pu-erh: the Living Tea

Like green or white, Pu-erh is a different type of tea – richer than black tea and wonderfully smooth and malty. Pu-erh provides a natural boost of sustained energy and delivers focus and clarity.

Puerh the Living Tea, Activate Your Soul Organic Verified Fair Labor
 Chocolate Puerh Carton

Chocolate Pu-erh

Velvety and smooth 

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 Emperors Puerh

Emperor's Pu-erh

Bold, rich and malty

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 Cardamom Puerh

Cardamom Pu-erh

Sweet, aromatic and spicy 

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 Ginger Puerh  

Ginger Pu-erh

Earthy, warm and

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 Basil Mint Puerh  

Basil Mint Pu-erh

Herbal aromas and
smooth flavor

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 Jasmine Puerh

Jasmine Pu-erh

Sweet floral depth 

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Learn More About Pu-erh

Pu-erh is the oldest known variety of tea and is picked from 500 year-old trees before undergoing a special fermentation process. As things of value take time to mature, so it is with Pu-erh.

Learn more about how this tea can Activate Your Soul in our video:

What is Puerh Video