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Turmeric Golden Tonic

Alchemy: Uplifting blend of turmeric, lemon verbena and dried lime

Flavor Notes: Earthy sweetness as notes of zesty citrus soar

Occasion: Revitalizing tea for any time of day

Caffeine: None

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Turmeric Golden Tonic



Fair Trade Certified™ organic turmeric, organic lemon verbena, Fair Trade Certified™ organic dried lime.

Brewing Instructions

Bring fresh water to a boil and pour over a bag of Golden Tonic. Steep 8-10 minutes while breathing deeply and pondering positive thoughts. Healthful turmeric revitalizes the mind and balances the body.

Source Information

Numi is proud to contribute incremental funds to our new Turmeric partners in Madagascar and help facilitate their transition to Fair Trade Certification. With your help, we’ve built 22 wells serving clean drinking water to 3,500 turmeric farmers and their families in Madagascar.

Tea Processing

An ancient root related to the ginger family, turmeric is often found in curries, giving the food its brilliant, golden orange color. Picked in Madagascar, dried and ground into a powder.


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