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Alchemy: Still your mind and bring forth awareness with mellow bamboo leaves and cooling spearmint. Earthy blueberry leaf and a hint of lemon centers.

Flavor: Clean, crisp citrus and mint with grassy and sweet undertones

Occasion: Centering awareness

Caffeine: None

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Organic bamboo leaves, Fair Trade Certified™ organic lemongrass, Fair Trade Certified™ organic spearmint, organic hawthorne berries, organic elderflower, organic schizandra berries, organic blueberry leaf, Fair Trade Certified™ organic ginger, organic lavender.

Brewing Instructions

Be completely present with only bringing fresh water to a boil. Pour over a bag of PRESENCE™ and steep 8-10 minutes. Enjoy these gifts from nature with a little help from us.

Featured Ingredients

Bamboo Leaf is dried and roasted like tea and sipped in traditional Chinese medicine. Known for its fast growth and flexibility, bamboo contains vegetative silica, an abundant mineral found in healthy bones, nails, hair and skin. As one of the most utilized and versatile plants on the planet, bamboo is highly regarded for its many benefits.

Spearmint is an herbaceous perennial with short stems and broad leaves native to Europe and Asia. Herbalists use it for its soothing properties to mellow the mind and gently relax the body, promoting calm, ease, and focus.

Guided Practice

(throughout the day)

Meditation is the act of observing our thoughts. Our thoughts are busy, wander, and are easily distracted. Throughout your day, practice the act of mono-tasking. In other words, while showering, only shower. While washing dishes, only do that. Be aware of the thoughts or emotions that come in, gently acknowledge them, let them go, and return to the task at hand. Give yourself an electronics-free day once a week.


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