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Chocolate Spice

Alchemy: Blend of rich cacao with ginger, allspice and cardamom

Flavor Notes: Rich melt-in-your-mouth treat with colorful chai spices

Occasion: Exotic afternoon treat; great as a latte

Caffeine: Medium

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Chocolate Spice



Fair Trade Certified™ organic cacao powder, Fair Trade Certified™ organic black tea, organic cinnamon, organic ginger, organic cardamom, organic cloves, organic nutmeg, organic star anise.

Brewing Instructions

Bring fresh water to a boil and pour over a bag of Chocolate Spice. Steep 6-8 minutes to allow all of the chocolate richness to infuse. Squeeze the tea bag well to enjoy the lusciousness of this chocolate tea treat. For a cold latte, infuse 2 tea bags in 1⁄2 cup. Let cool and add milk to finish.

Source Information

Cacao had many uses and symbols among the ancient civilizations of Central and South America. Initially, cocoa beans were used as currency and then eventually made into a thick bitter drink called xocolatl consumed by the Aztec and Mayan elite. In the Mayan culture, cacao pods symbolized life and fertility cacao and was used in royal burials to ensure comfort in the afterlife.

Tea Processing

Native to the tropical region of the Americas, cacao means “food of the gods” in Latin. Every stage of cocoa production is done by hand: planting, irrigating, harvesting, roasting and drying.


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