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White Rose Loose

Alchemy: Delicate and smooth white tea with whole organic rose buds

Flavor Notes: Sweet and fragrant liaison

Occasion: Afternoon soother

Caffeine: Low


Fair Trade Certified™ organic white tea, organic rosebuds.

Brewing Instructions

Steep 1 heaping Tbsp tea in 12 oz. hot water for 2 minutes.

Source Information

In Southern India, tea farmers in the hilly tropical rainforests of the Niligris District voted to use Fair Trade funds towards scholarships, health programs and life insurance.

Tea Processing

Young tea leaf buds are picked in early spring before leaves unfurl. The buds are withered then gently dried. White tea is the least processed tea.


White Rose Sticky Rice
Preparation Time: 20 minutes • Makes about 15 1-inch squares.
3 tea bags White Rose
4 cups water
2 cups sweet rice
1 cup red bean paste
1 cup chopped peanuts
Sugar/honey to taste
Place water, sweet rice and tea bags in a pot and bring to a boil on high heat. Once boiling, Squeeze and remove tea bags, lower heat until rice is cooked. Set aside to cool. Mix in sugar and flatten ½ of sweet rice in a rectangular Pyrex dish. Spread a layer of red bean paste and ½ cup of chopped peanuts. Layer with rest of rice and finish with remaining peanuts. Cut into small squares about 1” x 1”. In Good Health!