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Aged Pu·erh Tea Brick

Alchemy: Traditionally harvested from old growth trees in Yunnan province, China. Fermented, compressed into bricks and aged.

Flavor Notes: Woodsy, malty, deep earthiness

Occasion: Deeply satisfying as a coffee alternative

Caffeine: High

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Aged Pu·erh Tea Brick



Fair Labor Verified™ organic black pu-erh tea.

Brewing Instructions

Break off 1 square portion, break up into small pieces & place in 12 oz. teapot. Rinse tea by pouring boiling water over tea and immediately pouring out liquid. Re-pour boiling water over tea & steep to desired strength; strain while decanting. Each portion may be steeped 4 times. Recommended steeping times:
1st & 2nd pots: 2 minutes.
3rd & 4th pots: 3-4 minutes.

Source Information

These old-growth rare pu-erh trees are communally owned by the local villagers who pick them for their livelihood. This ensures that the people continue to thrive for generations to come.

Tea Processing

Numi's Aged Pu∙erh Tea Brick is a compressed bar of loose Pu∙erh tea leaves. Unlike traditional teas that are oxidized for 8 hours, Pu∙erh undergoes a unique 60-day fermentation process resulting in a bold, earthy flavor with hints of malt and elevated levels of antioxidants. Pu∙erh is compressed into bricks and aged, like fine wine, for months, years or even decades. This increases its value, health benefits and premium taste.


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