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Accessories: Foodservice

From Display Racks to Presentation Chests, Amenity Cards to premium Iced Teas, Numi makes tea service easy and elegant while elevating the tea experience.

Nspire Tea https://www.nspiretea.com/ 

For FoodService Inquiries: foodservice@numitea.com 

Amenity Card

Our compact and elegant hotel amenity card features our premium signature teas - Aged Earl Grey and herbal/caffeine-free Moroccan Mint. It is also a great and inexpensive sampling tool to encourage your customers to taste the Numi Difference. Unit Dimensions: 3.5“ x 6”


Velvet Tea Chest

Numi's most elegant tea chests are velvet lined with a mahogany finish. This beautiful tea caddy offers a premium selection of organic teas in sophisticated style for tea service at home, hip epicurean locales to white tablecloth restaurants. A final touch to an exquisite meal, this chest makes a wonderful housewarming gift and perfect for hotel and restaurant establishments as well as room service. Available with 8 compartments and a wooden or glass top. Unit dimensions: 14.5’’ x 6.75’’ x 2.75’’

Foodservice Display Rack

Our sturdy iron display racks are compact and designed to sit equally well on café counters or affixed to a wall. They hold 8 or 12 of tea boxes. Tea bags are easily dispensed through the perforations at the bottom of the boxes. Numi’s display racks are perfect for full-service, and self-service, venues. Unit dimensions: 8 count: 15’’ x 6.75’’ x 16.5’’. 12 count: 15’’ x 10’’ x 7.75’’